About Us


As a denomination, we are one of hundreds of independent Catholic churches in the United States.  We embrace ecumenical Catholicism and welcome all Christians to our Communion rail, and serve all, but our primary outreach is to three groups: first, to people who hold that worship and the sacraments need to be validly apostolic in terms of historical belief and succession, but who are no longer willing to attend a church that limits access to anyone seeking to come closer to God;  second, to the increasing number of Christians who have no single tradition background from childhood and who feel they can comfortably be neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant; and third, to the isolated, individuals who through age, sickness, or other impediment can no longer reach out to participate in a faith community and now find themselves alone.  To the outcast, we offer inclusion; to the rejected, acceptance; to the afflicted, comfort; to the sinner, forgiveness; to the despondent, hope; to the troubled, peace.  In pursuit of this healing mission the United Catholic Church actively sponsors both congregations where people can grow in Christ, and missions/chaplaincies that reach out to the unchurched.

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